Released November 2017

All songs written by Chad Walls except * written by Chad Walls & Sam Anderson
Recorded live on WMPG’s Local Motives show on Feb 24 2017
Engineered by Craig Springer
Mastered by Jonathan Wyman at Halo
Cover art by Ryan Eyestone
Photography by James Pappaconstantine
Layout and design by Rowan Bishop at Bridge Street Design

Bull Moose

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Trainspotting Extras
3. To Travel Hopefully
4. My European Flat
5. Smile
6. Dragonfly
7. The Artist in the Wrong World
8. Centipede
9. Tonight She Sings for You*
10. Jazz Held the Traffic Back
11. Sleeper


Best Rock Act – An Overnight Low     Rocker/teacher extraordinaire Chad Walls’ six-person band has been a Portland highlight since 2014, cranking out three solid albums as a sort of trilogy of Britpop, which no one else does around here. Listening to them feels like traveling on a red-eye bus with nowhere to go and all the time to get there. Pack your bags and get lost in the clear harmonies and nostalgic beats as they carry you away from your life. Or at least to the next train station. Rolling out 2017 strong, they recently released a live album recorded at WMPG, titled Live: Local Motives. Keeping with the train metaphors, An Overnight Low has proved they’re not just passing through, they’re here to stay.